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Year One – Week Twelve

Each day you should spend 45 minutes on the Mystery of History.

607 – 600 BC
Day One – Read Lesson 56.  Complete an activity on pages 201
Day Two – Read Lesson 57. Complete Somewhere in Time on page 204.  Complete Week 19: Exercise on page 205.
Day Three – Read Lesson 58.  Complete activity on page 208.
Day Four – Read Lesson 59.  Complete activity on page 210.
Day Five –  Read Lesson 60.  Complete Somewhere in Time on page 213.  Complete Week 20: Quiz on page 214.

Each week during your reading time, read 2.5 hours from the recommended books.  A particular book may be required.  At other times there will be a list from which you can choose an option.

Reading list for Week Twelve
1. Habakkuk, 2 Kings 22:14, 2 Chronicles 34:22
2. 2 Kings 25 or 2 Chronicles 36:15-21
3. Daniel 1-4
4. Daniel
5. Aesop’s Fables

Optional Videos:
Seven Wonder of the World, Simply the Best (Discovery Channel)
Daniel and the Lion’s Den by Hanna-Barbera



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