I am writing this blog as a syllabus for my rising 8th grader.  The plan is to complete all 4 volumes of the Mystery of History curriculum by Linda Lacour Hobar.  We have chosen these texts because of Mrs. Hobar’s approach to studying history.  Her texts are readable and interesting.  Linda’s approach is classical and Christian.  She makes no apologies for including the study of the Bible in her history textbooks.  This favored author has taken the time to research in Scripture and other historical documents before writing these texts.

When I began thinking what to study for 8th grade, I had several ideas and methods come to mind.  I concluded that I wanted to achieve a thorough study of the world, taking 2 years to complete the study.  Because of the number of hours taken to study this topic so thoroughly, it will count as 2 high school credits – 1 of Ancient World History and 1 of Modern World History.  By starting this series in 8th grade, there will still be time left to study American History, World Geography, and Government with Economics. I believe this will be an enjoyable transition into learning on a high school level.

Along with the textbook assignments, I have also included reading assignments from various genres.  These will include Bible reading, biographies, historical fiction, and various historical documents.  In our home the 8th grader will begin high school literature studies by watching the youtube playlist I have compiled to teach various literary devices.  After these devices have been studied and quizzed/discussed, the student will choose books from the reading list for each month.  10 hours of reading from these choices should be accomplished every month.  When this is accomplished for 8th grade AND 9th grade you will have completed World Literature.

My intention as I begin this blog/syllabus is to have each week’s assignments listed in 1 blog post.  I will title the posts “Year #__, Week #__” to help you easily find your assignment.  If desired, you can print off each post to keep with your weekly assignments.  I want you to record the time devoted to the reading/study of the text weekly.   You should also keep a written record of the number of hours of reading for your literature credit.  When this study is complete, you need to have a MINIMUM of 240 hours recorded for history and 120 hours recorded for literature.  This will give you 2 full credits in World History and a full credit in World Literature.

To the right in the search bar, you may search for your assignments.  Each week’s assignment is numbered.   The first year assignments will be labeled #1-1, #1-2, #1-3, etc…  The second year assignments will be labeled #2-1, #2-2, #2-3, etc…